Even Mind iOS Help



You can download Even Mind on the App Store at this link.

Account Creation

You must create an account to use Even Mind. Accounts allow us to deliver a better product experience. Features enabled by accounts include:

  • Sync data across multiple devices
  • Automatically and securely backup your data
  • Explore your data on a bigger screen with Even Mind Web


We secure your data in multiple ways.

1. Users must authenticate in order to access Even Mind
2. Passcode / Face ID can be enabled for an additional layer of security in the app
3. Data is transmitted securely over https
4. We use Firestore to encrypt and securely store your data in the cloud


You can view our legal documents here: https://evenmind.app/legal/

Home Tab

The Home tab contains a summary dashboard alongside links to more detailed analytics. You can also access the in-app settings by tapping the gear icon at the top of this tab.

The summary dashboard shows you key metrics regarding your mental health. By default the dashboard will show your daily averages for the current week. Tapping on any metric changes the dashboard to instead display the percent change from the previous week’s average to this week’s average. Tap again to go back.

Note that the value shown for mood or energy changes is a percentage point change. At max, this value will increase or decrease by 100% (for example if you go from a very bad mood one week to a very good mood the next).

Trends View

The Trends view displays your average mood and energy by hour, day of the week, and month.

Touch or drag over a data point to see the associated value.

Calendar View (Even Mind Plus)

The Calendar view displays a heatmap of all your reflections by year.

The heatmap is generated on a relative basis, thus the most vivid color is assigned to your most positive or energetic day of the year (as opposed to the maximum possible value). Similarly, your least energetic or least positive day will have the faintest color.

You can tap on a date to see all of your reflections for that day.

Advanced Insights View (Even Mind Plus)

The Advanced Insights view displays additional insights.

Variability helps you understand how varied your mood or energy are. If variability is high, this means your data is scattered (ex: you have both very high and very low energy reflections). If variability is low, this means your data is more uniform (ex: you consistently are in the same mood).

Apple Health charts show you your average mood and energy vs. data from Apple Health (steps, sleep, exercise, mindfulness). These charts bucket your data dynamically into eight buckets. Each bucket is limited to days with values greater than or equal to that bucket’s minimum and less than the minimum of the following bucket. These minimums are shown in the xaxis, with a “+” suffix.

Reflect Tab

The Reflect tab is where you record how you’re feeling.

To add a reflection, simply drag the ring to your current mood and energy level, then tap “Save”. You can add a note after saving by tapping “+ Note”.

Journal Tab

The Journal tab is where you explore your data and notes.

You can search your reflections by typing in the search bar at the top of the page. If you don’t see the search bar, simply drag down on your reflections list. Even Mind Plus subscribers have access to search analytics, giving them summary statistics for any keyword.

The chart at the top of the Journal tab can be expanded to full screen by tapping the expand arrows on the top right. We recommend you rotate your device as the full screen chart is best enjoyed in landscape mode. The full screen chart can be scrolled back to your first reflection. You can toggle the chart between monthly and weekly views. Energy and mood can be toggled on or off.

Even Mind for Web

You can explore your data on your laptop / desktop by going to https://my.evenmind.app.