Mental health is surprisingly difficult to measure and our current solutions are ineffective. As a result, we are sicker, less productive, and less happy than we otherwise could be.

Even Mind was built to make mental health measurement easy. Our goal is to help you better understand your mental health and what impacts it.

Measuring mental health isn't like measuring your heart rate or your blood pressure. There are no physical features we can use to measure mental health. Instead, the only way to measure mental health is to ask questions. This makes mental health measurement fundamentally subjective.

Subjective doesn't mean unmeasureable, but it certainly complicates things. Luckily, Even Mind is designed with many features that help you precisely measure these subjective qualities.

  • Moment-to-moment logging: Unlike other trackers that have you compress your day into one entry, Even Mind allows you to log your mental health many times a day. This helps you measure your mental state as it happens, not as you remember it.
  • Randomized reminders: Even Mind can remind you to log your mental health at chance moments throughout the day. This helps capture a more accurate picture of your mental health and reduces the bias caused by recording your mental health at the same time every day.
  • Simple entries: How much better is "awesome" than "great"? What is the difference between "relaxed" and "chill"? Instead of boxing you in to a specific emotion/emoji, Even Mind captures your mood on a continuum from bad to good. This makes it faster to record in the moment, and easier to understand upon reflection.
  • And more...

Mental health is highly personal and we take privacy very seriously. Our privacy policy is simple, because your data is stored only on your device and in your private iCloud drive. You don't need an account to use Even Mind — just download the app and start tracking.

If you want to learn more about our approach to building Even Mind, check out our values.

We hope you will give Even Mind a try! Please contact us with any feedback or questions.