Mental Health

Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to quantify, understand, and improve their mental health. If you are on iOS, you can download Even Mind today. To be notified when we launch on Android, share your email here.

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Remember Record

Outside of recent events, our memory of past mental states is often vague. Just try remembering how tired you were two Tuesdays ago. How did your mood change throughout that day? How sure are you?

Tools that rely on our memory of past mental states have limited accuracy. So instead, Even Mind records in real-time. This real-time tracking is made possible thanks to a super fast interface and a feature we call Checkpoints.

Super Fast Interface

fast recording

Real-time tracking needs to be fast, otherwise it becomes exhausting. Luckily, recording with Even Mind takes less than 5 seconds.



To improve accuracy, Even Mind can remind you to record at chance moments throughout the day. In addition to improving accuracy, these "Checkpoints" help you measure changes hour-to-hour, not just day-to-day.


Measuring your mental health is only useful when it leads to new insights and actions. Even Mind's library of charts helps you discover patterns and build a deep understanding of your mental health.


Truly Personal

Mental health is extremely personal, and we're working to keep it that way. With Even Mind, your data always remains private and in your control. Plus, Even Mind has multiple customization options so you can style the app to your preferences.

Data No-Brainers

Data is stored locally on your device
Encrypted iCloud sync and backups
Easy exporting
Lock with Face ID / Touch ID
No account needed
No personal data collection

We sell software, not your data. See our Privacy Policy for more details.



Easily edit your theme, hide or show different features, customize your Checkpoint messages, and more...

Free to Use

The basic version of Even Mind is provided for free and includes everything highlighted above. If you enjoy using Even Mind, consider upgrading to Even Mind+ to unlock additional features.

Even Mind+

Even Mind, made even better.


More details, and purchase options, available in the app. See our pricing page for a comparison of Even Mind+ and the basic version of Even Mind.

User Reviews

"I've been using this app for about a year now and it's the only journal/mood app that's has worked for me."
"Love the app. You are helping me recover and getting my life back. Thanks for that."
"I LOVE this app. I find it better than other mood tracking apps because it's not overwhelming. The simplicity makes me actually use it. It's design is user friendly, and you can track your mood at any moment with barely any effort! [...] everybody should try out this app at least for a bit, I recommend it to all my friends."
"A perfect app to help you track how you really are feeling over the long run. I am suffering from burnout. It's though. Though to find ways to also really know how you are feeling. You push throughout the day and often forgot yourself. And later you realise, often too late, you've pushed yourself too far. This app offers a simple but robust way of simply checking in. Checking in how much energy you have and how you feel. With notifications it gives you an easy heads up. Simplicity and efficiency are the core of the app . And the developer really listens to my feedback and makes the app even better. The app is not only evenmind. It is every month evenbetter."
"i love this app so much exactly the kind of mood tracker app i've been looking for. with other apps i have trouble choosing one overall mood for each day because of my mood swings. with this app, i love the fact that you can check in multiple times a day and that it shows you a graph of your mood and energy changes. the app is also very aesthetically pleasing to me, i love the toned down colors on the slider, i love how the app is organized in a minimalistic kind of way. i don't know, but everything about this app is just so pleasing to me i'm so glad i found it."



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To be notified when we launch on Android, share your email here.