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Chris Woods

HD dogs are better

Increasing your resolution can reveal additional details.

If your goal is to sustainably improve your mood, where do you start? Your mood may be influenced by sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, relationships, or even just the weather. Deciding on which changes to make (if any) can be complicated. Mood tracking, on paper or with an app, is a great way to make sense of your mood and uncover how you can feel better faster.

Mood tracking is fairly easy if “good”, “bad”, or “neutral” are the only choices. But with such vague categories, the picture of our mood comes out blurry. Important trends go undetected. In order to get a clear, high-resolution picture of mood, a new kind of mood tracker is needed.

Even Mind

Even Mind was built to capture the clearest possible picture of your mood. It combines multiple improvements to standard mood tracking.

For example, instead of a one-dimensional slider from “sad” to “happy”, Even Mind uses an expanded two-dimensional interface for recording mood. This interface helps you track the full spectrum of your mood, including your energy level. Now moods like calm and excited can be recorded distinctly, instead of being grouped together as “good”.

1D vs. 2D mood

It’s hard to remember exactly how you felt in the past, making human memory a big source of error in mood tracking. Instead of asking you to recall past moods, Even Mind prompts for your current mood throughout the day. These prompts are serendipitous, arriving at random intervals, to capture a more honest picture of your mood.

Remembered vs. sampled mood

In addition to being the most precise mood tracker, we want Even Mind to be a joy to use. Our mood tracking is optimized to take less than 5 seconds (a few seconds more if you include a note). The app is completely private and you don’t need an account to use it. Common sense features like Face ID and data exporting are included for free.

Even Mind mood tracking

A Start

2D mood tracking and randomized prompts make Even Mind a more precise mood tracker, but this is just the beginning. There's an exciting roadmap ahead and we can’t wait to show you what we’re building.

Our goal is to make the best product possible and we love feedback. If you want to get in touch, please email us at

And if you haven’t tried Even Mind yet, you can download it here for free.